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《Ciao by Fratelli Pennisi Macelleria Sicilia》

Palais de Chine Hotel extends a gracious invitation for you to immerse yourself in and relish the traditional cuisine and slow food culture of Sicily, Italy.

Sicily boasts an abundance of land and sea ingredients! Starting May 2nd, Palais...

Canada Carnival

Rave reviews continue! Buy five, get one free – a must-not-miss deal for food enthusiasts!

In appreciation of your support,La Rotisserie is pleased to introduce an extra b...

Canadian Cocktail Flash Tour

To celebrate the continuous acclaim for the La Rotisserie restaurant's Canada Ca...

【La Rotisserie X Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast│Gau-Tsa】

Experience a unique Taiwanese-style breakfast journey at PDC

The first season of the Taiwanese breakfast series Gau-Tsa was highly praised. I...

Muslim Friendly Service

We have specially launched service exclusively for Muslim guests, and we welcome...