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Palais de Chine Taiwanese-Style Roadside Banquet

A Unique Culinary Heritage

Palais de Chine recently celebrated its 7th Anniversary with Taiwanese-Style Roadside Banquet. The traditional banquet took place in a lively fictional setting of Chinese historic residential courtyard curated by the Executive Chef Lin Ming Can. The culinary team of Chef Lin led us back to the 70s with the most authentic local delicacies. Besides the feast, Chef Lin also emphasized on the significant importance of the roadside banquet culture as a tribute of inheritance.

Palais de Chine is the first hotel to acknowledge the culture of roadside banquet among other 5-Star hotels in Taiwan. Starting now, guests may enjoy the most authentic roadside banquet priced at NT$22,800+10% for party of 10 per table. The roadside banquet menu will also be available for any corporate Year End Party or Spring Party. For 25 tables and above, guests may experience the entire Taiwanese roadside banquet theme party at Grand Hall with delightful local delicacies, beverages, lively fictional setting of Chinese historic residential courtyard over a projector…etc. In addition, there will also be extra traditional welcome food stands on site for more festive atmosphere. Please contact Event Sales for reservation at +886-2-2181-9999

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