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Palais de Chine Art Tour

Guests who stay or dine at Palais de Chine Hotel can make reservations to participate for free.

Taipei City is a metropolis teeming with life. Its fast-paced lifestyle demands that people move quickly through its avenues and streets. Inevitably, it’s easy to miss out on all the sights the city has to offer.

Palais de Chine invites its guests to slow down, close their eyes, and take a deep breath. Within the hotel’s chic baroque walls, history and art come alive, taking you on a fantastical journey that transcends both culture and time…

How does the huge bookcase on the first floor depict people's longing for the unknown, and how does the mysterious Latin phrase ""PLVS VLTRA"" guide us to sail towards the distance?
The horse to Palais de Chine is like sunlight, air, and water to human beings. Why does it run through every corner of the building? And what kind of extraordinary mission does it carrying?

Listen to the surprise and emotion when the music box recorded beautiful music a thousand years ago;
Observe the Eastern scenery through the eyes of Westerners, where flowing water, flowers, birds, and light and shadow display poetic beauty;
Experience the aristocratic atmosphere of 18th century Europe through the drapes, tapestries, and crystal chandeliers, and feel how ""The Phantom of the Opera"" sang in the Paris Opera House.

Throughout history, beautiful stories and legends have been passed down through word of mouth, filled with surprises and warmth, encompassing timeless meaning passed down through generations. We invite you to join the Palais de Chine Art Tour, embarking on a journey through time and space. With each turn, you can find a special connection to this land that belongs to you, discovering the touching scenery of life around you.

Hercules Pillar

Lady the Fine Steed

The Garden of Caesar

Music Box

【Palais de Chine Art Tour】

FRI. 16:30-17:30
SAT&SUN. 16:00-17:00

※Each visit is limited to 8 participants.
※Due to the limited number of visitors for each session, please wait for our staff to confirm with you by phone before considering your registration successful. Thank you.: )
※In response to epidemic prevention measures, guests are reminded to wear masks throughout the hotel and its public areas (such as the hotel lobby, restaurants, and floor corridors).

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