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Because you’re worth it! 【Palais de Chine Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Package】


Say “I do” to the most romantic wedding.
Palais de Chine’s luxurious Grand Hall banquet room are favorites of brides and grooms, with its elegant french decor and generous floor space. Weddings are once in a lifetime opportunities for couples to showcase their love. They are also the starting point for a couple’s hopes and dreams for the future. What is more perfect than vowing everlasting love for one another against a classical baroque backdrop?

Palais de Chine’s Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Package takes couples to sixth floor Le Bar to exchange their vows. The space is decorated with the color white to symbolize purity and flowers adorn the venue, creating a unique and artistic wedding atmosphere. Let the sun bless your unity in front of your dearest friends and family.

【Palais de Chine Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Package】

2022/03/17 ~ 2023/12/31

Price: NT$48,800+10% up

Location: Palais de Chine, Le Bar, 6F

Time: noon(10:00-11:00) or evening(16:00-17:00)

Amenities: speakers, simple flower arrangements, welcome signage, folding chairs

Services included: wedding planners, attendants, and sound technician

To start planning your dream wedding today, call (02) 2181-9999 for the Palais de Chine sales department.
“Do you promise to take care of her in sickness and in health till death do you part?”

“Yes, I do."

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