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《Negative Carbon Emissions│Let's be a Sustainable Traveler》

Book any accommodation package on our official website, and you can purchase the 'Negative Carbon Emissions' option as an add-on.

With the rapidly developing of technology, carbon emissions have increased significantly, and global warming has become increasingly severe, making it difficult for polar regions and equatorial countries to survive. Palais de Chine Hotel has always been committed to promoting sustainable travel which following the whole LDC Hotels & Resorts towards its operational goal-'carbon neutrality'.

Palais de Chine Hotel is currently implementing sustainability policy, such as not providing disposable amenities unless requested, urging guests to bring their own toiletries such as toothbrushes, shower caps, and razors, etc. We have also replaced bottled water with R.O. reverse osmosis water in glass bottles to achieve plastic reduction goals, and set up 'PDC Sustainability Counter' to promote environmental issues. Now, Palais de Chine Hotel invites you to join us to promote carbon emissions, and make 'Go green' a powerful force for action.

Package Room Type:By calling the hotel or booking any room package through the official website, you can purchase ' Negative Carbon Emissions ' add-on package during the reservation process.

In addition, if you choose to purchase the NT$29 carbon credits (per night), Palais de Chine Hotel will not only pay NT$29 (per night) for additional to purchase the same amount of carbon credits (i.e., carbon offset) Furthermore, you will receive a sustainability maple leaf seed paper and an electronic certificate as a carbon-reducing traveler.

Through picture books, children can learn about environmental concepts such as water resources, ocean resources, forest resources, and waste reduction.

For phone reservation, please contact the Reservation Department at 02-2181-9999.
《Negative Carbon Emissions│Let's be a Sustainable Traveler》
《Negative Carbon Emissions│Let's be a Sustainable Traveler》

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