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Palais de Chine Completes Diversey Shield Program

Fortified Dining and Guest Room Environment Protection

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Palais de Chine has completed the Diversey Shield program and met its strictest standards for cleanliness, to ensure a safe environment for all our dining and accommodation guests.

What is the Diversey Shield Program?

Diversey is a globally recognized cleaning and health product supplier for hotels, hospitals, and other public facilities. The requirements of the Diversey Shield certification program were designed based on the stringent regulations set by organizations such as the WHO, the CDC (USA), ECDC (EU), and the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

Highlights from the Diversey Shield program:

• Employing professional equipment:
The level of cleanliness is measured by using a professional ATP luminometer, with the RLU (relative light unit) value of less than 80 per 10cm². If the RLU value exceeds 250, all cleaning processes and protocols must be revised and re-measured. According to research, the RLU values for most environments are approximately 1000.
• Increasing the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces:
Areas such as guest rooms, kitchens, restaurants, front desks, communal areas, conference rooms, activity rooms and offices are disinfected every two hours or after each use. Surfaces with the highest touch frequencies including door handles, elevator buttons, reception, remote controls, and telephones are cleaned at even more frequent intervals.
• Guest rooms are cleaned 3 hours after check-out:
Following guidelines set for quarantine hotels, guestrooms are to be left still for 3 hours after guest check-out before housekeeping staff carries out cleaning and disinfecting procedures, during which the staff are required to wear face masks, face shields and gloves.
• Five-color cleaning cloth rule:
For guest rooms, cleaning clothes of five different colors are used with designated disinfectants to clean different areas in the room to prevent cross-infections.

We are doing our absolute best to ensure a safe environment for all our dining and room guests. For your safety and the safety of your family, please follow the hotel guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. We encourage all guests to contact us with any questions regarding our Covid-19 prevention measures or if there is any medical situation that requires care. Our on-duty manager can be reached at (02) 2181-9999 ext 3350 for assistance.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at Palais de Chine and wish you a most pleasant stay.
*Friendly reminders:

Please contact the front desk staff or butlers at our hotels with any questions regarding Covid-19 our prevention measures or if you require medical assistance. For the latest information regarding the pandemic, please visit, call the CDC hotline 1922, or follow the CDC account on Line (

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