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Hotel Art Tour-Limited Edition

Explore the most prestigious and unique Presidential Suite in Palais de Chine Hotel.

Push open the doors of Palais de Chine Hotel and the perfectly proportioned wooden horse statue comes into view, with the grand bookcase behind it adorned with imagery of the Holy Roman Emperors, unveiling the mystery of the castle.

This summer, let our little elves lead you into the most mysterious and story-filled room of Palais de Chine Hotel : The Charles V Presidential Suite.

Imagine if time were reversed, what kind of appearance would be presented in the room of this Emperor ? What kind of treasures would be placed inside? The living room, with its European library-style high ceiling design, is surrounded by antique books! Classical Baroque-style crystal chandeliers hang, displaying the majestic aura of the Spanish king. Through infinite imagination and collection of treasures, The Palais de Chine Castle has created the grand ambition of the Holy Roman Emperors towards travel!

We cordially invite you to join the "" Hotel Art Tout-Limited Edition "" and experience the professional tour of the Presidential Suite. You will also enjoy a limited-time offer at the Executive Lounge "" Le Salon "" including some coffee and tea, refreshment, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, giving you a complete and artistic experience!

Hotel Art Tout-Limited Edition

▸ Tour Date:Start from 2023/07/01(Sat) ~
▸ Tour Time:Every Sataurday 16:30 -18:30 (including a limited-time offer at the Executive Lounge "" Le Salon "")
▸ Tour Fee:
For guests who stay or dine at the hotel and present a consumption invoice, the fee is NT$300 per person. For non-hotel guests, the fee is NT$500 per person.
▸ Tour Schedule:
• 16:30-17:30 Hotel Art Tout-Limited Edition
• 17:30-18:30 Executive Lounge "" Le Salon "" Tea time
 Hotel Art Tour-Limited Edition
 Hotel Art Tour-Limited Edition
 Hotel Art Tour-Limited Edition
 Hotel Art Tour-Limited Edition
※ Each tour is limited to 15 participants.
※ In accordance with the regulations of the Executive Lounge "" Le Salon "" the "" Hotel Art Tout-Limited Edition "" is only available for guests aged 12 and above. We apologize for any inconvenience.
※ The minimum number of participants for each tour is 5. If the tour is cancelled, our staff will notify you by phone the day before the scheduled tour.
※ Due to the limited number of participants, please wait for our staff to confirm your reservation by phone before considering your registration successful. Thank you.
※ As part of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, guests are required to wear masks throughout their stay in the hotel's public areas, such as the lobby, restaurants, and floor hallways.

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