Palais de Chine is located nearby Taipei Main Station, HSR, Taipei MRT, Taoyuan International Airport MRT, Taipei Transit Bus Station, and Taipei Public Bus Stops which make our hotel an accessible and extremely convenient place. The hotel is adjacent to Q Square, office building and Vieshow Cinemas to become the most prosperous and fashionable region of western Taipei.

Traffic Information

Parking Information
The front gate of Palais de Chine is on Cheng-De Road.
The entrance of our parking lot is on Civic Boulevard, located on B4 to B5 floors of Taipei Bus Station. (Maximum clearance 2 meters)
Please proceed along Civic Boulevard for 350 meters in the direction of Cheng-De Road, and enter the Palais de Chine parking lot from the entrance on the right side of Taipei Bus Station.

Taipei Metro
Please take Taipei Main Station Y5 exit and make a right turn to Cheng-De Road.
Information How to get to Palais de Chine

Taiwan High Speed Rail
Please take the West Exit on the first floor of Taipei Main Station, walk along the west plaza and cross the bridge through Civic Boulevard.
Information How to get to Palais de Chine

Taiwan Railways
Please enter Taipei Main Station Metro Mall Entrance Y4 and take Y3 exit (about 5-minute walk), and take the exit of Q Square in the direction of Cheng-De Road.
Information How to get to Palais de Chine

Information Download

By Taoyuan Metro
From Taoyuan International Airport
Take Taoyuan Metro (桃園機場捷運) to Taipei Main Station A1 Taipei Station (TIAA MRT Line)
Ticket Fare:Single Ride NT$160
Driving Time:Approx. 35 to 40 minutes(The Metro arrives every 15 minutes at the station )
Operation Time:First Train 06:00 、Last Train 23:35 ( The frequency is every 15 mins)

Please get off the metro "A1 Taipei Station (TIAA MRT Line)".It’s a ten minutes’ walk from the Taipei Main Station A1 to the Hotel.
Information: Ground route ( Video )、 Underground route ( Video )

※MRT Shuttle Service: Hotel <--> A1 Taipei Station (Taoyuan Metro Line)
Operation Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Every 20 minutes)
Pick up point: B1 Kiss & Ride (Pick-up) P6 Area, next to the Taxi area. Please see the route
* Advance reservation is required for the service
* Seating capacity per car: 5 persons maximum
* For more details, please contact our Concierge +886 2 2181-9999 ext@3342 /
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