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This is a website that provides secure transaction services. We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of online users. Our privacy policy below will help you understand how we gather, use and protect the personal information you share with us.

This Privacy Statement describes the privacy practices of the LDC Hotels & Resorts in connection with information that we collect through websites operated by us from which you are accessing this Privacy Statement, including and other websites owned or controlled by the LDC Hotels & Resorts

▪ Gathering of Personal Information
To confirm the transaction you proceed with in this website and for the convenience of your access to the information on this website, we will ask you to provide personal information such as user name, phone number, fax number, email and address. If you would like to review, correct, update, suppress or delete Personal Information that you have previously provided to us, you may contact us at

▪ Policy of Application of Personal Information Collection
The information you enter on this website will only be used for transaction-related activities and the delivery of electronic notices or marketing materials.

▪ Policy of Sharing Personal Information with a Third Party
  1. Before your consent is obtained, the personal information collected on this website will not be sold, exchanged or rented to any group and individual, or be used anywhere other then the places specified above.
  2. If this website needs to share user information with a third party who provides services or discount (joint activities or promotions), we will provide clear explanations and you can choose whether or nor you accept the services or promotions specified.

▪ Policy of Cookies Application
Cookies are for the servers to write brief information user's hard disk through web browser to distinguish different preferences. If you use IE, this function is in "Safety" of "Internet Options". If you use Netscape, this function will be in "Advanced" of "Function Settings", there are three levels, including Accept All Cookies, Set Cookies Notification and Reject All Cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services or participate in some of the activities on the website. To improve the accuracy and convenience of user's data entry, and to offer better services, all columns on this website use cookies to store your previous entries. Based on this policy, cookies will access your browser.

▪ The right to amend the privacy protection clauses
To stay true to the intent of user privacy protection, the privacy protection clauses on this website might be amended in line with the trend of technological development, regulatory amendment, or other changes over time. We will promptly post any amendment to the clauses on this website.
Last Updated: 8 May 2018

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